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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  November 12, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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live and in hd, this is abc 7 "news at noon," on your side. >> a plan to dig the nation out of debt could take a toll on d.c.'s tourism industry. wants to cut hundreds of millions of dollars from smithsonian's funding and will charge admission to the museum for the first time ever. pamela brown has reaction on
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this controversial proposal. >> as you can imagine, this has sparked a lot of reaction. a lot of visitors we spoke with today say there are better ways to balance the budget than putting an entrance fee on an institution created for the american people to enjoy. jason is enjoying the day at the smithsonian museum with his daughter. he says the fact that it is free of charge is a big draw. >> i grew up coming year. it would be a disappointment. >> the deficit-reduction commission wants visitors to have to fork over $15 for the museum. >> i would come for my daughter, but i would be disappointed after pay for something that has been free. >> it opened as an institute of education for the american people.
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it was handed over under the trust of the federal government. visitors want to see their taxpayer dollars going to a good cause. >> i would feel my tax dollars are being well spent because i enjoy going to the museum. >> -- >> this is one of many proposals to raise $4 trillion from the federal debt. the commission wants to take away some funding for the institution and make visitors pay the difference. visitors to the nation's capital should do their part, they say. >> it does not seem unreasonable for the value. >> other proposals to charge admission at the smithsonian have not worked in the past. this would first nafta passed by congress and the president and that will be a big challenge.
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>> thank you. the search for a missing stafford county woman is over. the 47-year-old was found dead in her rental car yesterday on the campus of the university of new mexico. she disappeared last weekend after an argument with presba and during a trip to albuquerque. police are investigating it as an apparent suicide. starts against the accused serial stabber are piling up. elias abuelazam was ordered to stand trial for attempted murder of a michigan man today. prosecutors will ask a different judge to try him for another death. 14 people were stabbed and five were fatal. the crime spree went across michigan, ohio, and northern virginia. he's charged with three murders and five attempted murders. president obama landed in japan this morning on a world tour, but bringing no relief to
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the trouble back at tallmhome. courtney robinson has the latest. >> this morning president obama arrived in japan, where he's talking global growth and the struggling economy as part of the asia-pacific economic conference. if tomorrow he meets with business leaders and other leaders, but it's not clear how much influence he will have. he left the g-20 summit in south korea this morning seemingly empty-handed. >> their main concern is, is it growing fast enough? they are interested in what additional strategies can be used in the u.s. economy. >> the president failed to get the south korean free trade agreement that protect american jobs hangs in the balance and he
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lost the support of world leaders in getting china to change its currency policy. >> it is undervalued. china spends enormous amounts of money intervening in the market to keep its undervalued. >> the president highlighted that the g-20 summit helped him develop good relations in other countries. it could be a different story next week as president obama tried to make friends with republican leaders. the eighth will meet a blind was to discuss extending the bush tax cuts. president obama says by january 1, he wants to extend the tax cuts to middle-class families, but not the wealthy. will sunny skies to gurdon for the weekend both adam caskey has the forecast. i'm keeping my fingers crossed. >> it is a fantastic weather
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pattern that will last into the weekend. we will have some big changes by the early part of next week. it was cool to this morning. let's look at a live shot into the district. total sunshine again today. the same weather pattern with the same high temperatures, conditions. 57 in the district right now. it is going to be in the low 60's this afternoon. this weekend will not be much different. >> thank you. breaking news. police in pennsylvania are questioning a person of interest after the shooting death of a wildlife conservation officer. david was shot and killed last night while investigating a possible posting in frieden township near gettysburg. this morning the trooper detained a 27-year-old christopher johnson, questions,
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but not charged so far. rescued passengers from the carnival cruise ship "splendor" described the vacation they will never forget. a fire led to three days without electricity or hot food or water. >> after you eat mayo sandwiches for days and the smell spoiled milk, you cannot eat anymore. >> the ship was to plug into san diego's robert last evening by tugboats. it's a panamanian-based vessel and there's an investigation being led in that country. the grace period is over at busy intersections. right cameras went up last month at connecticut avenue at porter street. 14th street at k street. third street at new york ave. starting today, drivers caught running a red light will get a
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$75 fine. ohio drive will be shut down this weekend for re-paving. it will be closed from the roosevelt bridge over rock creek parkway 2 independence avenue at 23rd street. in effect from 11:00 tonight until 5:00 monday morning. parents are so in the fairfax county school board over its decision to close clewiston elementary school. mike conneen joins us outside the fairfax county courthouse. -- clewiston elementary. >> parents are angry about the closure and are not willing to wait until the school board election in 2011 to show their frustration. they filed a lawsuit at the fairfax county circuit court hoping to challenge the school board decision. >> it is too important. >> the parents believe the fairfax county school board violated virginia law.
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they claim the board members made the decision to close it too quickly and the reasons keep changing. >> i am not naive to believe there was not another agenda to close it. >> parents have taken their case to the internet and local newspaper editorials in a media campaign. >> one thing that brings this large community together. >> the board voted to close the school in july. board members decided renovation costs, increasing enrollment projections, safety concerns, and water quality. parents say those issues are exaggerated or solvable. >> we brought the fax to the school board. -- facts. >> parents hoped the lawsuit will be enough to stop the
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closure and save their school. >> me and the other parents did everything we could. >> fairfax county public schools will not comment on any lawsuit, but this morning at the courthouse there was a motion filed by the school district's lawyer is to dismiss the complaint, however, the judge has postponed if that ruling because he wants to give both sides apple time to argue the case. parents are optimistic that the judge might rule in their favor, giving them a glimmer of poker. -- hope. coming up, a young soldier murdered in iraq, a story that her parents are hearing from investigators. the post office has a record busting deficit. the best places to find a six-figure neighbor in america.
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all that and the weekend six-figure neighbor in america. all that and the weekend forecast that you
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the military is looking into the murder of a stafford county soldier in iraq. your parents claim they were told three stories by investigators. they were first told their daughter accidentally stabbed to herself. then they heard that the 19- year-old morganne mcbeth was staffed by someone else accidentally. the army is not talking. a student accused of
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attacking him to sarah palin's email has been sentenced to a year behind bars. the judge says that can be spent in a halfway houses instead of prison. the judge city should get mental health treatment. if the 20-year-old economics major was able to guess sarah palin's security question and posted private e-mails online. the apologized in court today to sarah palin. adam caskey, you said that the weather pattern is pervasive. >> persistent. when you have a similar weather pattern day after day. we have had this since late sunday. it will persist through the weekend. temperatures will go up little. >> downhill after that. >> that's coming. especially for november.
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we get temperature swings in november in a matter of days. that is what is happening so far this november. this is a beautiful shot of the district. total sunshine again. just like the past four days. it's not going to be any different today because there's no big shift in the weather pattern. sunshine on the bay. let's look at the low temperatures this morning. 36 at reagan national. especially below average in the outlying areas. 24 degrees in martinsburg. 23 in manassas. a cold start to the day. tomorrow morning will be very similar. we will slowly warm up as we get to the weekend. high-pressure overhead right now. the high-pressure is centered off to our north, but it is
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influencing our weather and keeping us very dry and sunny. action developing in the midsection of the country. showers will turn into snowfall for much of the upper midwest. this storm system brewing will drag a cold front east over the weekend. it will arrive by monday. then we have a chance of showers in the mountains by late monday. on tuesday, locally. i want to show you this again, because people will be going to a football games on this friday night. around sunset, it will be in the 50's. then dropping to the 30's and upper 20's. highs in the mid 60's this weekend. rain by tuesday. a pretty good chance of rain. we need a good soaking rain. >> just have that gone by the next week. area residents are bringing
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in the big bucks. seven out of the 10 richest counties in the nation art in our region. loudoun county is that the top of the list. $114,000 a year is the median household income. fairfax county is no. 2. howard county, maryland is number 4. arlington is no. 5. montgomery is no. 6. a proposed license plate with let residents showed their support for the tea party in virginia. the state lawmakers has filed a bill to create if it would have the message "don't tread on me" along with a rattlesnake emblem. they need 350 people laid applications to submit that to the dmv records 350 prepaid applications. the u.s. postal service is going broke. if congress does not do
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anything, the agency says it will likely go broke within one year. mail carriers delivered 6 billion fewer letters and packages last year. they've cut jobs and are planning to cut more post offices and cut delivery to five days a week likely. expect delays on all five metro lines this weekend. the red line from shady grove to twinbrook. from new york avenue to rhode island ave. and on the orange line to west falls church from vienna. and the green line from prince george's plaza to college park. they told me that his parents had been killed in a tragic car accident. i felt sympathetic fordham. >> a woman discovered a dark secret from president past veterans into or story in real life. how that was solved, coming up.
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her life fell apart when she learned to love or friend had a dark secret from decades in the past. tonight on 20/20. chris has a preview. >> always a pleasure. >> talking about a slalom and who discovered a bomb shell from husbands -- or friends passed. -- a florida woman discovered a
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bomb shell from her in a friend's past. >> he's nice, but then he's not who he used to be. had something going on in his past and they worked through it. he had a different name from a different town and committed a brutal crime. he chopped his family to death as a teenager. >> how could keep their secrets? >> the system then allowed a juvenile delinquent, age 15, to serve a very little time, three years for three homicides. they gave him a new identity when he left, so no one would know who he was. >> a lot of these kinds of people are very charismatic, very charming, very persuasive.
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>> bathey can be. when someone is given a new identity, you don't know who they are. you are judging them on the basis of what you see, it is nice, but you don't know with their past mv. -- past may hold. if someone is sending you threats, you could blow them off. if it turns out that person chalked up their family, you might take a different approach with that person. >> thank you. i cannot imagine what she went through. the full story on abc 7 tonight at 10:00. stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. still
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breaking news. the fbi corruption taskforce has taken into custody prince george's county executive jack johnson. multiple search warrants are being executed throughout the county at homes and prince george's county offices. more on that on abc 7 news at 5:00.
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looking at the weekend and some more nice weather. >> the perfect weather will continue. not unlike typical november weather. we will have sunshine for the next week with some changes. active weather pattern sunday through tuesday. rainshowers on tuesday. mid 60's by the end of the weekend. we are progressing through november and approaching the december timeframe. there's a snowstorm in parts of the upper midwest that should help to bring us clouds on monday and a better chance of rain showers by tuesday. we can take that. that's good for november. a great weekend in the mid-60s. >> it's unbelievable. thanks.
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